A VW show for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts

Terms & Conditions

1. This ticket is issued subject to rules and regulations attached to the booking form and those herewith.

2. Any person entering the Venue does so at his/her own risk. Neither the Venue or the event organiser can be held liable for any risk, danger/loss, including bodily harm, personal property damage/loss, or any other incident arising from attendance at the event wether occuring before . during or after the Event. With the exception of incidents arising from gross negligence and/or wilful misconduct.

3. It is forbidden to use, posses, hold or bring the following items at the descression of the stewards. Glass, any illegal substance or nitros, bonfires, chinese lanterns, weapons, flammables, or any other objects  identified by stewards, safety personnel or other authorised persons which may affect the security or safety of the event and its attendees.

4. Any ticket holder whose actions are inconsistent with or whose ticket have not been obtained in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be refused entry or expelled with no right to refund.

5. No vehicle movement later than 7:30pm! the venue is an occupied country park. Please consider it’s residents.

6. Due to cancellation of the event credit values will be at the sole discretion of the Organiser and under no circumstances will a cash refund be issued on site.

7. The purchaser of the ticket shall indemnify and hold the Venue / Organiser harmless from and against all liabilities suffered or incurred in connection with a breach of Terms and Conditions.

8. No independent sound systems. Please respect our neighbors. Independent sound systems are NOT allowed on site and we request that any music is played at a reasonable level and all music must be switched off at 11PM.

9. The acceptance of the ticket and entry to the Venue shall be deemed as full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and rules and regulations reffered herein.

10. Purchase of tickets are the responsibility of the buyer, Please note we Can not offer refunds once the ticket ha been purchased. We can however change name on tickets if you re sell them.